Easy Client Management Tool

With custom fields to indicate what they purchased, when things are scheduled and what the details are, you can always find the important information at a glance. Colorful labels can give you an idea of which clients have signed a model release, and who needs to be kept private. 

This tool doesn't replace your CRM - it works side by side. Use your CRM to automate the broadstrokes of the client's process - the emails, the invoicing, the scheduling. The Easy Client Management Tools lets you track the rest - who ordered what and when, which clients have payment plans ending this month, and who has products that need to be ordered. 

And if you don't have a CRM in place, this can absolutely still help you! Setup your fields to make sense for YOU and the way your client process works. 

Whether you are running a part time business shooting a couple of times a month, or high volume studio with a full team and calendar, this tool is flexible and will keep you (and your team) on the same page and moving forward efficiently. 

I have included a Trello template board, fully fleshed out with example steps, categories, custom fields, template card and checklists. I have also included 2 demo boards with 25 example clients added, with their dates and information in progress to show you what your board can look like, and give you a place to experiment. 

Also included is instructional videos to walk you through every step of the process.

Please note that in order for this board to function as intended, you will need to be on a paid Trello plan - the Standard $5/month plan is perfect! This purchase is for a template and does not include implementation services. Due to the digital nature of the product, refunds will not be given, so review the description carefully. 

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