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Your business has A LOT of moving parts - branding, legal docs, headshots, marketing, services, products, tools, and on and on.

It's unreasonable to think that you can store all of these details in your brain - or even remember where to find all of them when you need them. The Hub solves this problem! Covering 18 areas of your business, you'll have a spot to dump all of your bits and pieces. 

Categories include: 

  • Business info (bio, headshots, socials, about, etc)
  • Branding
  • Business plan
  • Ideas + roadmap + big picture priorities
  • Products and services you offer + vendors you use
  • Your team
  • Tools, apps and programs you use
  • Processes and workflows
  • Legal and docs
  • Marketing, testimonials + places you've been featured
  • Professional memberships and certifications
  • Courses and education you have purchased
  • Inspiration and wishlist

With over 70 storage cards and templates, every detail is accounted for. Each template and storage card is customized and pre-written to include the relevant information that will help you keep tabs on all the stuffs. Just fill in the blank. 

I've also included guides on some of the more complex aspects! Not sure how to write a mission statement but know you need one? I've got you covered. No stone is left unturned, and you won't have to question whether or not you are missing anything vital. 

Instructionals and bonus materials include: 

  • 4 pre-designed and ready to use cover designs for each list
  • Pre-made labels to denote status of cards
  • Beautifully designed segments and instructions for each category
  • Canva template for cover designs to further customize
  • In-depth guides (written and video) on how to use The Hub, customizations, managing the cards and lists, and more
  • I've even included THREE real-world process and workflow examples as well as my own SOP (standard operating procedure) template. This alone is a gamechanger, especially if you plan to scale or have a team! 

BONUS! I've included a full Introduction to Trello series so you'll feel confident in all of the settings and options, as well as several lessons on customizing and using The Hub. Oh, and did I mention

ANOTHER BONUS!! I've also included a peek into MY ACTUAL HUB - so you can see the alternative ways I set it it, and how I use it on a day to day basis. 

And of course, everything is fully customizable, with instructions on how to dive in, set it up for your specific needs, and keep it updated. While this is designed with photographers in mind, it is easily adjusted to accommodate any business model. This works perfectly with the free version of Trello. 

**NOTE: If you hate Trello, don't buy this. I will have an alternative platform option available soon! 

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